Because healthcare is a ministry.

And you can bring your whole self to the table.
Novus Medicus is a community of aspiring and early-career medical professionals who strive to be faithful Catholics and excellent in our medical craft. We support each other in growing professionally, spiritually, and personally.

You don’t have to compromise.

Do faith, career, and family all feel like they’re at odds with each other? They don’t need to be. At Novus Medicus, you’ll find friends and mentors who will build your self-confidence as you strive to imitate Jesus Christ, the Divine Physician.

What we believe in
Grow your business, establish your brand, and put your customers first.

It’s all about


We’re wherever you are

In Person Gatherings

Learn and grow with like-minded young physicians at local meetups or our yearly week-long conference for Medical Students and Residents.

Online Community

Meet up with your peers on Zoom to talk shop, life, and faith.

Real Relationships

Get your questions answered by real Catholic doctors who’ve been where you are right now.


We’re just like you.

Novus Medicus members are normal, everyday Catholics who hold medicine, faith, and daily life together. Check out some of our stories.

Dr. Thomas McGovern

Dermatologist, novus medicus Community director

Standing up for your faith can give you a more rewarding medical career than you ever thought possible.

Dr. Kate Kondratuk

Dermatology Resident, Director Pre-Medical Student Outreach

God doesn’t call the fainthearted to be authentically Catholic physicians.

Dr. Paul Day

Family Medicine Physician, Director Young Physicians in Practice Section

He wants you to stop “laying low” and live a heroic adventure in medicine.


Good faith is good medicine.

It might look like the culture—and your profession—are against you.

But this helpful article will show you how faithful Catholics really CAN be excellent doctors. Sign up now to receive a copy!

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